A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Space Station Designer (‘SSD’) is a construction game where players can build massive stations using an array of over 70 modules. The game is under heavy development and its final feature set is still being defined based on the input we’re getting from our community. If you like space stations and/or building things, please feel free to download the open alpha version, try it out and visit our forums to let us know what you think (we suggest you to download the itch.io app first, as it takes care of keeping the game up to date automatically).

The latest build (0.0.29, published on December 18th, 2017) features:

  • A tutorial and a design challenge that introduces the players to the game.
  • A wide array of space station modules to play around with.
  • The possibility to build arbitrarily large space stations.
  • The option to toggle between ‘flat’ and VR mode without restarting the game: if you have a Virtual Reality headset for PC (e.g., HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, etc), you can switch to VR mode anytime and navigate around your station using an XBox 360 controller or the keyboard (support for mobile VR devices is in the works!)

Once you’ve played the game, we’d really appreciate if you can complete a short survey so that we can improve it! The survey is available in the following three languages:

English: http://bit.ly/SSDOpenAlphaSurvey-EN

Spanish: http://bit.ly/SSDOpenAlphaSurvey-ES

German: http://bit.ly/SSD-OpenAlphaSurvey-DE

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space-station-designer-alpha-windows-alpha.zip 409 MB
Version 33 Jul 11, 2018
space-station-designer-alpha-macos-alpha.zip 408 MB
Version 13 Jul 11, 2018

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