Space Station Designer 0.4.20 is now available!

Space Station Designer 0.4.20 is now available!

This build features a variety of features and improvements, such as:

  • A first version of a launch minigame for all resupply spacecraft, where unexpected things will happen and you'll be required to make a decision on whether to push your luck and go ahead with the launch or abort it.
  • The possibility to skip the time to the following week.
  • Several performance improvements.
  • We've integrated an analytics system, which will allow us to understand better how players are engaging with the game. You can always opt-out of this system, but we'd encourage you to leave it on, as this information is super important to us in order to guide our development efforts.
  • Tons of minor improvements to the UX, the texts, and cosmetics issues in the UI.

As always, we're very interested in your feedback, so if you have any comments about modding support (both about consumption and production of them), please open a thread in the forums and let us know so that we can look into them.

Have a great rest of the week and see your next time!

--Polar Motion (Ignacio & Mauricio)

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Version 15 Mar 31, 2022 288 MB
Version 15 Mar 31, 2022

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