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Space Station Designer (Playable Alpha)

Build and manage your own network of orbital outposts! · By Polar Motion


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Space Station Designer 0.3.4
We've published a small update that disables all joystick inputs and adds support for being able to launch the game on any given display...
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Space Station Designer 0.3.3
We've uploaded a build with some minor fixes to the drag and drop panels...
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Space Station Designer 0.3.2
We've uploaded a new build, featuring fixes to data-related issues to the Intermediate Goods modules. We also added some minor fixes for the various sporadic UI...
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Space Station Designer 0.3.1 is now available!
We continue making progress on the development of our construction and management simulator "Space Station Designer". Since our last major update back in Decemb...
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Is there a discord for the game or for polar motion? I have had some fun with the game but I have found some bugs that h...
started by cobrabubbles Apr 17, 2021
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